понедельник, 28 февраля 2011 г.

Thomas Penfound

Я в Лондоне все время думала, вот есть у меня любимая модель или нет. А потом меня осенило. Я третий сезон тащусь вот от этого парня. Thomas Penfound. Он всегда ходит для Burberry и Topman.
Волосы тут почти даже и не причем, мне всегда почему-то нравились парни с большими носами и ушами.

Thomas Penfound

Thomas Penfound

Он к тому же еще забавный и даже умненький, судя по интервью, которое я нашла на Contributing Editor.

Harrison Elkins: If you were a shirt, what color would you be and why?
Thomas Penfound: Definitely a button down. Some sort of black and grey print.
Something very smart.

HE: Who would win in a battle between a pirate and a ninja?
TP: Ninja definitely. He’s the trained one where the pirate has just too much stuff
on his belt. He’d fuck it up for sure.

HE: What do you think the best thing before sliced bread was?
TP: Probably bagels. I’m not sure if they came before, but when it comes to food shapes,
circles always conquer squares. Hence a New York bagel.

HE: How often do you wash your hair?
TP: As little as I can. I don’t know…it depends. If I’m doing shows and
there’s a ton of crap in it, as there usually is, then I have to
wash it an insane amount of times. After the first show I did in New York
this season my hair was greased up like crazy. My flatmates and I
who were also in the show had to wash our hair literally ten times
before the goop came out. But usually I hardly touch it.

HE: When are you at your happiest?
TP: When I’m being creative and in the zone. I went to college for design and
art direction so anything related to that. I like to dabble in a lot of
different creative things so being able to have as much variety as possible is a great feeling.

HE: What scares you?
TP: Insanity! Losing your mind can be pretty scary I think.
But, I suppose it could be pretty fun as well. Did I fuck up the question?

HE: What’s your biggest vice?
TP: I tried to cut most of them out but I’m just trying to get rid of the cigarettes now.

HE: What’s your guilty pleasure?
TP: Staying in bed all day hungover and ordering chinese!

HE: Is that today?
TP: No, it was a couple of days ago though!

HE: Do you have a funny fashion week story?
TE: Let me think. Sure. It’s always a laugh when the rappers come back stage in Paris.
One time I was doing a show for Gareth Pugh and then all these rappers
came backstage. It’s just weird seeing Gareth who’s very typically English then
P. Diddy comes back and he’s like, “oh yeah, I loved the show man”,
(laughs) like, I don’t know, it’s kind of surreal and I was just wondering if he
really did enjoy the show or not. I just can’t imagine him wearing any of those clothes!
Anyway, that was pretty funny.

Thomas Penfound

Thomas Penfound

Thomas Penfound

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  1. на первой фотке бондарев
    точнее на второй или какой там
    ну ты поняла))

  2. Пфф, если бы, будь у нас местный Томас Пенфаунд, давно был бы мой уже)