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Gaia Repossi for Alexander Wang

Gaia Repossi: But we ended up destroying all the jewelry we made!
Alex Wang: We ended up hating 24-karat gold jewelry! We began burning it - charcoaling it.
Gaia Repossi: Alex kept telling me, "We need ochre jewellery!" I was wondering how we were going to do it. In the atelier they thought of burning it with an oxidation process, using a flame. So we tried it, and it turned out to be amazing. It's high-end jewelry, but unlike anything you see now.

Alex Wang: It's not at all for the Place Vendome! We always follow the sensibility of taking something very precious, but not wearing it in a precious way. As if everything you own, whether it's a T-shirt, fine jewelry, worn-out snickers, a Birkin bag, or whatever, is the same value. 

Последняя фраза идеально описывает стайл как он есть. Text Purple Magazine.

Gaia Repossi for Alexander Wang jewels

Gaia Repossi for Alexander Wang ring

Gaia Repossi for Alexander Wang ring

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