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Я назову своего сына Джулианом

 *Если, конечно, ему повезет с гражданством какой-нибудь страны, где продается газировка Dr.Pepper.

В Хельсинки я никогда не пропускаю своего любимого развлечения: полчаса читать истуканом английские журналы в Стокмане. В этот раз в Oyster Magazine я наткнулась на статью о Джулиане Касабланкасе. Последние деньги у меня ушли на наушники взамен моего хрепящего говна, чтобы нормально доехать семь часов домой, но я нашла эту статью в интернете! По кусочкам, потому что на самом деле она ни ахти какая, и картинки не оригинальные, те были круче, лоу-фай, крашеные пряди хорошо видны.

 Julian Casablancas 2010

Julian Casablancas is very sexy. He has a slow way of talking, a drawn-out New York drawl, and a boyish kind of half smile that left the Oyster staff quite flustered when we shot him on his last Australian tour. And then you see him play. Alyx Gorman writes.

“Ummm I’m not allowed to say what I really think,” Casablancas laments on the phone from Hamburg a few weeks later, when asked what he learned from making his first solo album. “It’s tough when you gotta do interviews and you can’t be 100% honest. Look, do you just want the vague version of the truth or some more interesting bullshit?” Remembering back to ethics class at journalism school, we opt for the former. “The vague version of the truth is I’ve definitely learned that I prefer working with live musicians. When you’re building a song from the bottom up everything takes longer. It takes longer to realise if something works or doesn’t, and then to fix it, but with a live band you can try something real quick. It’s faster and more immediate.”
Right now this lesson is a little removed: “the only plan at the moment is for a Strokes album in 2011,” Casablancas explains. But he’s excited about solo work. “I feel like now there are two ways I like to work, it’s nice to work with the band and keep trucking, have that collaboration vibe – we’re collaborating more than we ever have – and,” he pauses and it’s hard not to picture his full lips twinging on the other end of the phone line, “I can also do whatever my wild desires require.”

The peaks and valleys of the rock and roll business are painfully familiar terrain for Casablancas, and he’s intimately acquainted with the demands of his job. “I was never a person who cared about clothes, but as soon as I got into being in a band and being a muso I knew I kind of had to, I definitely put more thought into the stage outfits,” he laughs. “When you see a band you’re looking at every detail from their shoes to their jackets, it’s part of the whole mystique. Once you’re in a band it’s part of your job, but I don’t obsess over it. I guess it’s about whatever makes you feel comfortable. I mean, not physically, but psychologically. It’s about being as confident as possible, and that might be crazy clothing, or it might be jogging pants,” he laughs. “Actually no, never jogging pants. Those might be physically comfortable but if you want to hit on women well… you know…” We suspect not even track pants could hinder Casablancas’ success with the ladies, but we decide to keep this remark to ourselves.

As our interview draws to a close, we decide to illicit a recommendation from Casablancas for how our readers should be spending their time. “Ummm strip clubs, shooting guns and hitchhiking,” he deadpans. “Now, I don’t wanna say anything incriminating, so I’ll stop before that happens.”

Julian Casablancas 2010

Julian Casablancas 2010

original text by Alex Gorman

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