понедельник, 11 июля 2011 г.

Creators keep God alive

I guess everybody is already sick enough with my Nick Cave inspirations, but we all would have to deal with it. There's no better inspiration than another artist, someone merciless upon oneself both inside as getting that all out is such a pain and outside as alcohol and tattoos and drugs require to be enthusiastically merciless. Nick Cave locked himself for 3 years in a room in Kreuzberg to write his first novel, "And the Ass saw the Angel" in 1985, and the Berlin Wall was still there.

Fra Angelico Annunciation

I accidentally came across a full version of Nick Cave's The Flesh Made Word  lecture. This piece was re-recorded in 1998 for Vienna Poetry Festival, originally conceived and executed for the BBC Religious Services Department in 1996. So it's about God and sacred texts and imagination, and it touches issue which I've been obsessed with for ages - power of words and nature of text and it's great ability to ruin you and bring you back again.
Just listen. It's beautiful. And there's at lest another reason why we all are here, my friends, feeling our pain and despair and sometimes love.
 Creators keep God alive.

Picture is Annunciation by Fra Angelico.

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